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Appflowz helps SaaS companies activate new users and convert more free trials to paid.

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If you are a SaaS company who relies on free trials or freemium plans, then you are probably already familiar with these challenges:

You get users to sign up for trials, but struggle to convert them to paid users.

Trial users log in once and never come back.

You don't have a clear idea of why some people convert from free to paid and others don't.

Users often churn before they reach the "aha" moment

Let's be honest. Most trial onboarding sucks.

Typical "user onboarding" software places too much emphasis on static product tours or tutorials that treat every user like they are exactly the same. But simply adding more product training is not likely to convince skeptical trial users to stick around or convert.

Onboarding for free trials needs to be laser focused on understanding what the user needs and quickly demonstrating how your product can create value for that user.

Appflowz in-app tools helps SaaS companies to deliver customized onboarding experiences that are tailored the specific needs of every user, while shortening the path from signup to their first "aha" moment.

Appflowz lets you give users a stunning first time experience

50% of free trial users log in once and never come back. That means up to half of your marketing budget could be going down the drain if you don’t convince users of your product’s value on the first visit. Appflowz helps you immediately engage first time visitors and reduce time to value so new users keep coming back for more.

Shorten time to first value

Minimizing time to value is critical for engaging trial users and converting them to paid. But how can you demonstrate value when your users all have different needs? Appflowz enables you to customize your onboarding for each user to highlight the product features that serve their specific needs.

Ditch the product tour

Product tours are fine for training people how to use the product, but static product tours aren't built to convince skeptical trial users to stick around or convert. Appflowz's user onboarding is designed to help users to quickly reach the critical "aha moment", deepening engagement and convert more trial users to paid.

Appflowz enables you to deliver more personalized onboarding experiences, so you'll be able to do things like:

Discover which tools and services your signups are already using and send them the right integration details.
Identify trial users who are interested in a live demo or sales call.
Tailor your email follow-up based on company size, job title, industry, and more.
Send new signups relevant case studies from customers in their specific industry.

Get a head start with Templates

Get started quickly with our replicas of the actual user

onboarding flows used by popular SaaS companies:

Build and launch in minutes without a designer or a developer.

Best of breed SaaS companies like Webflow, Autopilot, and Intercom use carefully designed post-signup flows to segment new users and provide tailored onboarding. But building custom flows can take weeks or months of precious developer and designer time. Appflowz lets you create beautiful onboarding flows that look and feel like a native part of your app in minutes.

Turn more trial users into paying customers.

Converting trials users into paying customers means helping trial prospects realize value from your product as quickly as possible. AppFlowz survey flows helps you collect critical information from new user signups so you can provide more relevant onboarding, and drive deeper engagement with your product.

Appflowz includes all these features and more:

Modern Design

Appflowz are modern, highly visual surveys designed to look and feel like a part of your app.

Fully customizable

Appflowz lets you fully customize fonts, colors, text, buttons and more.

Logic jumps

Logic jumps let you tailor the progress of your flow based on their previous responses.

Mobile Responsive

You'll never how to worry how your Appflowz looks on different devices. Appflowz look great on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Auto Display

Appflowz keeps track of users who have already completed your survey flow so it is only shown to new users.

Easy to intall

Installing Appflowz is as easy as copying and pasting a line of code.


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